Bothhand USA headquarters: Located in Topsfield Massachusetts.

Supporting the telecommunication community’s advanced circuit design process. Providing components and support during the design, prototype and production life cycle phases.


Taiwan Facility (Bothhand Enterprise Inc.)

Was opened in June 2004 R&D center in Taiwan at present, devote to research and develop conductive polymer tantalum chip, ISO9001 Certified factory.



Bothhand Electronics,South China Established in July 2000
Main products:Ethernet Components
R&D and QA center in mainland China
ISO9001/ISO14000 certified factory


Bothhand Electronics South China Plant 1 (DC\DC Converters).
Established in Jan.1998
First plant in mainland China
Professional plant for DC/DC
ISO9001 certified plant


Bothhand Electronics East China
Established in April 2002
Main Products:NB components
Obtain certification for high yield industry in 2007
ISO9001\ QC080000 Certified Factory


Bothhand Electronics West China
Established in Jan.2006
Bothhand tentacles extend to the mainland
(Development of West Regions)
New plant was setup in 2008